Mockery of life


There’s a deep desire to sleep,
To be gone and never to be found.
There’s a deep desire to slip,
To slip away where there’s no sound.

Light of the past narrows down to a blink,
The blink of an eye when we first met.
Time of the day when the sun had just set,
And I, was lost while listening to you sing.

You were the perfect imperfection,
Flawed and yet compelling.
Dunno how but I had feelings and affection,
Affection towards us, loving.

Petty problems other’s had with you,
You were mocked, like some nuisance.
But your scars were for me, to sew,
And against all your resistance,
I still had to have you.

But now I can’t stay with you anymore,
Time for you to let go,
It’s your turn to keep me in your heart,
And to hold on to our memories so that we’ll never be apart.

Death. Is just a part of life.
Part you must and have to live on with your life.
Even when I am gone,
My soulful feelings will keep you strong.

And I’ll be gone but not forgotten.

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