Everything you do,
Efforts in the passion that you put into,
Is a gain and a leap towards something new.
Even if the world doesn’t see your point of view.

When you show something to the people,
Which they haven’t seen before.
It doesn’t fall on their radar of acceptability,
And the lines of distrust converges into hostility.

May it be an idea or an invention,
Nothing can be created without destruction.
Destruction of the ideals of the past,
Off of which the majority still latch.

We’re told a thousand times,
“You cannot do this”, “that cannot be done”,
But it’s fine.
You should be walking on the path to prove them wrong.

You don’t need others to tell you they believe you,
You only need to give them the reasons so that they do.
You don’t need wings to fly,
When you got strong legs to walk on the sky.

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