Memory lane


Once upon a time,
Down the memory lane.
It was a moonless night,
Before the fateful day.

The day when he went to a new town,
The young boy who never knew his hometown.
He was sold as an infant,
He had always been indifferent.

But this time around, he had a different role,
He didn’t had to cook, clean or do chores.
He recieved a fine bedding and a room,
At dinner he even recieved a clean spoon.

He wasn’t accustomed to eating on a table,
Had no manners, he was like a horse raised outside a stable.
With mouthful of good food his eyes filled up,
With tears he smiled, while rubbing his gut.

He never knew food could taste so good,
Never was he treated as an equal, nobody would.
So he questioned himself if he deserved it,
Anxiously he was worried, while rubbing his feet.

He remembered the masters he had before,
And the list of never ending chores.
Recieved only dry bread on his old platter,
Never did he received anything better.

But that all changed with his new buyer,
The old man who had worked as a lawyer.
He showed compassion to the wronged young boy,
Who’s life was like a desert, empty and dry.

The old man had lived a very hard life,
All his life he treated everyone alike.
But the society he lived in was not so understanding,
He was ostracized by all for his understanding.

But he never abandoned his beliefs,
Even when from his post he was banished.
Instead he was determined,
To bring a change to the foolish minds.

So he gave the young boy a new name,
Adopted him after his own name.
His kindness became the freedom,
And with time, spread his wisdom.

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