“Being able to trust,
Has become the hardest part to pick.
Because betrayal is a must,
In this damn age to fit.

Be it a friend or a foe,
You will get replaced.
Be a true lover or a hoe,
You’re not the best,
No one is.

Advanced generation this is,
Relationship or friendship.
Just stay loyal to your profits,
temporality is a trend to keep,
Never be serious, life isn’t.”

My mind is blank,
But I need no thoughts to write what’s right.
You know what else I lack,
A cliff and motivation, to jump from a reasonable height.

Because I’m sick and tired of this age,
It’s all pretentious,
As if we’re on a plastic stage
Playing random roles without conviction.

Aimlessly running for the prize,
Which is paid by someone else’s hard work.
You’ll even find a happy disguise,
To wear in pride, even if it’s not your work.

Acting like your so generous
When you’re only looking for profits,
Forcing those to live on the dust,
Who deserved better than these misfits.

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