Child of depravity

As beautiful as it seems
Rain always pours down a hint of sorrow,
Fortunate or not, every child dreams,
Even if by misery they are followed.

In a slum not so far away
There lived a young child;
Like a husk of straw, he looked frail,
And had a dream to be an artist;
But for him, others had other plans in mind.

Colours started to fade away,
When people disapproved of him every day.
He was expected of gathering trash,
Which was their only way to earn some cash.

His disappointed father wanted him to forget,
The dark future has already been decided.
How will he break free, the child didn’t know,
So he accepted what he believed his fate had in store.

The spark of light which was lost that day,
Was gone forever and never seen again.

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