When Nina was sixteen

It was the last day of school before the summer vacations. Nina and her friends decided to visit the old abandoned hospital in the outskirts of her town, after departing her school. It was said that the hospital was haunted by the patients who died in the outbreak of fire at the hospital several years before Nina was even born.

The rumours and stories about that haunted hospital were so intriguing that she wanted to visit it herself, but her parents warned her not to. So, she decided to go check that place out with her friends without letting anybody else know abot it.

Finally it was the departure. The hospital was not very far from the school so Nina and her two friends hurried up on to the abandoned streets outside the school district to reach the abandoned hospital. It was visible from the distance, and looked old and run down. After walking for about half an hour, they reached the entrance.

A pungent odor hit their noses right after they opened the front door inside the main gate. They covered their noses with handkerchiefs and began advancing inside the building. There were emptu stretchers, shelves and wheelchairs lying around. It was dusty and everything looked so broken and shabby. They explored the whole building and it soon became dark. They started to believe that all those stories were just rumours. They felt disappointed with a hint of satisfaction but then suddenly they heard a sound.

It was the sound of a closing door, so they thought that it must’ve been the wind. But all three of them jumped when they heard a tiny sharp shriek coming from upstairs. Without wasting any more time they hurried out of that building and outside the hospital. Running away from the abandoned streets, Nina looked back and saw a woman dressed as a nurse. On a closer look, half of her face was torn down and she was smiling with a wild look in her eyes. Nina and her friends rushed for their houses and didn’t look back.

After coming to her home, Nina realized that she had forgotten that it was her birthday. It was her sixteenth birthday and her parents have decorated the house. But they were nowhere to be found. Suddenly a lot of people with masks came out of hiding and wished her happy birthday. It was a surprise. A woman smiley mask came near Nina with a plate in her hand which was covered by a big lid. Nina thought that it was her cake.

Nina’s mother opened the lid and inside was some rotting flesh. With disgust and fear, Nina got away from the table and looked around. It was not her home and she was still at the hospital. The masked people were the dead patients.

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