Traps and Cages

There was a man, once in the wilderness,
Afraid he was, of silent traps and cages.

Ordinary life, for him was a maze,
For him this world, was just a performance on stage.
Where the puppets we were, and our strings tied to fate.
He was tired and sick, of the condition of his state.

He believed that his belief made him weak,
It was the bait to his fear which let him think.
Whether he should choose his heart or instinct,
He was too afraid to swim, for he might just sink.

Nevertheless his fear, for freedom he tried,
Challenged his Destiny, took over his life.
Then he saw others, trying to hide,
Trying to fit in, into the cracks so tight.

He wanted to save them from themselves,
But he was alone and without any strength.
Unable and powerless, it reminded of himself,
That he was just like them, confused with his faith.

So he got up straight, and cried out in pain,
He screamed, that it was nothing but a game.
A maze with tricks, to catch us in the cage,
To win we must, trust ourselves.

By having faith in reality and truth, rather than fate,
To become independent from our fears, risks we must take.

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