Stormy night


Under the rumbling of the thunder,
My men are all lost in wonder,
Wondering about the need to seek,
To seek the purpose of trying,
aren’t we all weak?

Into the middle of this gloomy night,
Onto the sea and this storm we’re inside,
It’s hard for all who’s ready to fight,
To not get scared, without the light.

Not to be blunt but I’m not blind,
I can feel the misery at my sight.
Scary however may it seem,
It will be alright.

Even my heart is in the grasp of fear,
Fear to lose the life of someone dear.
The cape of courage I have to wear,
To be the light of all my peers.

We’re really fragile with our delicate hearts,
But with our resolve, we’re like metal shards.
We can pierce through anything ahead of us,
And together we can shine like the bright stars.

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