NO Title – poem

I don’t even know,
What I’m feeling right now.
I can’t even tell,
Why I’ve been so blank.

I wake up every day,
Stare at the empty wall till it ends.
I wait I wait till it’s time to sleep again.

I don’t want to sleep,
Nor do I want to wake up.
I have had enough,
Of this life now I’m fed up.

Little do you know when you promise that you can,
Even time flies away like sand from your hand.
You know what you want to believe and not what is true,
But you always knew that, didn’t you

When the world sleeps I count my breath,
I count how many more days I have till my death.
Too many questions, answers with no question,
Riddles unsolved, unreasonable faith.

I have known mockery,
The feeling of being loathed by all who you care.
I have tasted misery,
The feeling of disappointment you get when people stare.

I saw children getting killed,
Just because they were born of different gender.
I saw grown men stealing virtue from maidens,
Just because they were kind, gentle and tender.

I’ve seen them referring to unwealthy as filth,
Also, I have seen them stealing filthy children.
Gifting them like toys to the rich desperate milfs,

This world is unfair they say in sad tone,
But little do they do about it,
At least that’s what I’ve known.

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