What do you do when..


What do you do, when nobody looks?
When you’re all by yourself inside your room.

Do you get concerned about your appearance?
Of how you look. Like some grand performance.
Why do you act like somebody else, like the big stars before their audience?

Why you act like someone else when you can be yourself.
Are you afraid of what other’s will think?
Or is it that you don’t even know yourself.

Deceiving others or your own self?
Imitation and make-believe can make you forget who you really are.
Do you really want to live as someone else when you can become the best of yourself?

Instead of hiding behind shadows, you can shine before the darkness.
Emit a light so strong that your flaws become your strengths.

A lantern inside the depths of darkness.
A lane of freedom for people like yourself.

Become your own sunshine
Because there’s no one like you,
Become the taste of the oldest wine
Because accepting one’s uniqueness is a virtue.

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