Darkness & light


Darkness is so comforting,
No one can see you,
Darkness is soothing,
It is not easy to figure it out.

Darkness embraces your soul,
It doesn’t let you stay alone,
Darkness is quiet, it is serene.
It hides you from your insecurities.

But the best part about darkness is,
Like everything else, it’s not forever.
And like the bliss of a sudden kiss,
It vanishes like it was never there.

This spark of the glowing sun,
It ignites the wish to live, Leaves you wondering and stunned,
Of how beautiful one lifetime can be.

Light makes living worth it,
It leaves you wanting for emotions and sentiments.
You can’t get enough of the warmth,
In the embrace of each moments.

But every light has to dim away,
All that stays behind is the spark.
Instead of waiting for another day,
Light the spark up into the dark.

And you will glow like never before.

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