Realization – visual poetry

One time it’s sunshine, the other it’s rain,
Sometimes we heal, and experience pain again.

Sometimes you let loose,
And forget about the rules.

Live like you’ll die in a minute,
Appreciate the gifts of life like you mean it.

Don’t waste your time doing what others want you to do,
Instead, do what you like, and let others do what they want too.

Dissolved the dissimilarities between us,
Be trustworthy if you want others to trust you.
Don’t try to suppress your glitches and flaws,
Not everyone can do this, only the successful, very few.

Know what’s precious to you before it’s too late,
One bad memory can haunt you, they never dissolve or fade.

Hold the hand of both evil and good,
Take the wrong steps and decide for yourself what you should choose.

Learn to forgive but never to forget,
Don’t let mistakes of the past make you regret the present.

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