waking up to my dream

I woke up in haste. Must be a bad dream I said to myself. Couldn’t remember it tho. Suddenly someone broke into my house. He was scary, a large body with scars all over him. He had torn clothes over his gigantic torso. He picked me up like a rag doll and took me away.

It was the middle of the night, he ran to the open grounds. With me hanging on his shoulders, his hands covering my face, I couldn’t even scream. There was a ladder hanging from the sky. Couldn’t see where it went, far into the heavens. He climbed it a little and the rope began to pull us up.

It was a ship. A massive flying ship. There was a skull marked flag fluttering in the winds. It was a pirate ship. They were real pirates. The savages which I’ve read about on books and watched on my screen.

They took me in and told me their tales. And they told me about their friend who was captivated by the evil ogre. They needed an extra member to solve the puzzle, to unlock the gates of the prison where the ogre kept their friend. They chose me. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always dreamt of such fantasy to be real.

We started our journey without any haste. The journey itself was infuriating and filled with passion. Their bonds and the unsophisticated manners, it all seemed like a fairy tale.

Finally, we entered the dungeon of the evil ogre. We entered a cave large enough to swallow whole buildings. Inside the dark cave, there was a cage. It was exactly like they described. But in order to open the gate of the prison. The ogre was sleeping, snoring loud like the thunder. In his hand was a key, bigger than me. One of the crew members tip-toed near the ogre and slipped away the key out of his grasps. Suddenly the loud snoring stopped, the ogre was awake. Angry he came at us with rage, but we were quick and quickly unlocked the cage. Inside there was nothing but a shard of crystal. The captain of the pirate ship picked it up and signaled everyone to leave. I asked one of the pirates that shouldn’t we have to find the crew member who was taken by that ogre. His reply was surprising, he said that the member was put inside that shad of crystal and to release her, we just have to dip the crystal shard in water.

After escaping from the ogre, we flew to the nearby waterfall and the captain dipped the shard of crystal. Soon after, the crystal melted and from it came out a beautiful woman. Everybody was so happy to get back their old friend. Like a father, the captain hugged her and cried with happy tears, and took her to the ship.

It was finally time for me to part my ways. I wasn’t ready. I asked them to let me be a part of the crew. But it wasn’t my place. I have a place in the world below where I live. Among my friends.

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