The cheater


Cheating is what I do best,
Way better than the rest.
Despicable, however, may I be,
Just like you, I’m trying to be free.

Free from what, I don’t even know.
Uncertainties perhaps ,
or the guilt that never let me go,
The guilt of hurting her behind the back,
Taking advantage of her trust,
It was all, but so long ago~

Back then I thought I had it all,
Overwhelmed with my castle of salt,
Never thought of the rain that it would
one day dissolve it away like tears on sand,
After losing her now I know that I should
Never had left her alone never should
have let go of her hand.

And now I’m ashamed and caged,
Caged inside my own guilt,
Now I understand the worth of the lost age,
The age of the young love closed in my quilt.

Even if I cannot forgive myself,
Even if I’m weak and useless.
I’ll ask with all of my heart,
Never to lie to the person you love.
Or you’ll be cheating yourself.

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