Under my bed


I’ve always felt a strange presence. Going to school, traveling for vacations, everywhere. I’ve always felt that someone was watching, keeping an eye on me all the time. Last summer when I was really sick, I was frustrated as was stuck in my room. During the night I heard weird sounds coming from under my bed!

So, I was tired of getting scared all the time and decided to look under my bed. It was really spooky but my mom said that I could be brave if I can overcome my fears. So the next day I looked under my bed. I pulled up the sheets a little, and used the flashlight, and guess what I found. It was a secret trap door.

The door was really tiny, only my hand could fit in, and I’m 9. I thought if telling my mom about it but then I thought, why not find what’s inside. My mom would surely compliment me after she sees how brave I am.

I crawled under the bed, it was cramped but I managed to reach the trap door. I tried to pull the handle but it wasn’t working. I pulled it with all of my strength and it won’t even budge. Then all of a sudden, someone was knocking from under it. I was so scared that I screamed for my mom and before I know it, I peed myself. I know, it’s embarrassing but I was really scared.

My mom came running and I crawled out of there. I explained the situation to her and she seemed confused. Later that day when my dad was still out for office, my mom and I decided to look what’s inside there. I was scared but mom told me that to be brave, a man must face his fears.

I went to the warehouse outside with my mom to get some tools. Of course, I didn’t know what to use to unseal that little trap door, but mom did. She picked up the sharp chisel along with the hammer and gestured me to lock the door, we were done acquiring our weapons.

We went back to my room and I helped mom to move my bed from over that trap door. The bed was really heavy but we managed somehow. After that, she told took the chisel and pointed its shaft at the locked binge and with the hammer, she hit it quite hard. With just one hit the locked hinge broke and it was time to look inside it.

It was dark and something in there smelled sweet. All of a sudden the lights were turned on and the place under that trap door looked like a small room. There were decorations everywhere, balloons were floating, people were clapping and singing the happy birthday song, and there was a huge cake.

Mom kissed me and wished me a happy birthday, I became 10 years old that day and also discovered the underground room which later became my hideout.


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