The stranger from facebook


Let me tell you a story, it’s about a girl who didn’t have a phone until she was 18 because of her backward parents. All of her friends had one, and everybody used to crack jokes about her not having any phone. But all that changed when she got a smartphone on her 18th birthday. It was nothing fancy but she was overjoyed. It was her first ever phone. She hugged her mother tighter than ever, and her smile made everybody happy that day.

All of her friends were on Facebook, and she had to be on it too. It just takes a few clicks to open an account, so she did. She took a selfie, uploaded the best picture she had as the cover image, and filled in her details. Her friends saw her profile and everybody started sending friend requests. Her pictures started to get several likes, reactions, and comments. She felt like she was the center of attention. It was a feeling she never had before, and she loved it.

She started to get friend requests and she went on accepting everyone. She didn’t even feel like reading the names, she felt like a princess. She started getting message requests, people were complimenting her in every possible manner. She started spending more and more time on her phone rather than she did in any other thing. She started sleeping late and the first thing she had to look at when she woke up was not the alarm clock anymore. It was her facebook feed.

One day she got a message request, it was a foreigner who was complimenting her. She thanked him after accepting his request. He asked about her hobbies and to her surprise, the boy had similar tastes. Slowly they became close. She started video calling him every day, shared pictures of whatever she was doing to the one she thought was her love. After a few months had passed, they decided to meet.

She wanted to tell her parents about her long-distance relationship but she was scared. She knew that they won’t accept him as they are not open-minded people, not even in the slightest. She told herself that she would let them know later, and decided to board the plane. She lied to her parents and told them that she was going on a trip with her best friends and it will be safe, trusting their daughter they decided to let her go for the trip.

After getting the ticket she let her online boyfriend know and asked him to receive her. She was excited to finally meet the person she only knew online. She started wondering what he would be like while packing her clothes. She told her parents that the trip will be for a few days and she will be back by the next week. She left her home and boarded the plane.

The journey would take approximately 2 hours. After landing, she let her online boyfriend know that she has landed safely. After a little bit of waiting, he showed up. He was a tall handsome man, who looked even better than she saw thought during video calling. He was as polite as she thought he was. They kissed for the first time and held hands together. She was blushing like a maiden in love, which she was. After leaving the airport, the boy took her to his apartment. It was a medium-sized apartment. After finishing their meals the boy told her that she invited a few of his friends for the dinner. She smiled and said that it’s alright, she thought that he wanted her to meet his friends.

In the evening, 3 of his friends came. She felt kind of weird since none of them wore any decent clothes, nor they had any presents for the dinner. But she didn’t think much about it. None of them talked much during the dinner, rather they stared at her. She felt uncomfortable and told her boyfriend about it privately. He assured her that everything is fine and not to get worried. After they had a little drink she started asking herself that why aren’t her boyfriend’s friends leaving. It was starting to get late.

She was lost in her thoughts when suddenly her drunk boyfriend asked her to come to his bedroom. His friends looked drunk as well and all of them had a smile on their face which was making her really uncomfortable. She denied the offer and told them that she should go stay at a hotel for the night. His boyfriend insisted on staying and told her that he would pay her handsomely if she listened to him. She became cautious and with a stern voice asked what he meant.

The boy who she thought loved her actually had intentions on getting inside her pants, and not only that but he was about to treat her like a call girl, and that’s the reason he called his friends. Angry and scared, the girl picked up her bag and ran towards the exit. She was quick and thankfully escaped. After getting out of there he called her father and told him everything. She started crying, she couldn’t believe she could become such a fool. She was ashamed of herself. Her father booked her a return ticket which would take off after 4 hours from then.

She went to the airport waited. During the time she was waiting, the boy was constantly calling her. After a while, she decided to pick up the call. The polite man he knew was gone. The boy was spouting cuss words and slangs, he called her the worse things imaginable. She saw his true colors for the first time. She cut the call in disgust. She was even more disgusted with herself for falling into a trap like that.

The plane arrived and she went home safely. After that, she started doing a lot of different things but stayed away from social media. It is actually funny to see social media, which was created for the betterment of social interaction, becoming such a threat to society and its people. People are such brilliant creatures who can change the things created with the best of intentions, in doing the worst possible things, imaginable.

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