I want to know,
Is there someone inside of me,
I want to go,
Take me to him, please let me see.

My yesterdays are locked within myself,
We’re not one but forced to share this body.
I am empty, too weak to confront him, all by myself.
He is my past, I am his present but our differences are clear and sturdy.

He wants to take over and succeeding isn’t impossible for him,
He is the darkness which no light can penetrate, it’s unimaginable to overcome.
I don’t remember ever being him,
He is something I do not wish to become.

He is imprisoned in my mind,
Shackled to the wall with all my memories.
The memories which are neither his, nor mine,
They belong to the circumstances which are now forgotten stories.

I can hear him whisper in my sleep,
He calls me an abnormality, wants me to disappear.
I know he is not incorrect, somewhere deep.
But I cannot let him cast me away, I have feelings, I want to live.

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