Forget me not – a message

Forget me not, even if you lose your thoughts.
Forget me not, even if all my memories turn into dust.

Like the lucid dreams of muddled reality,
Being woken up to the simplest of beauties.
In the bitterness of tragedies, even if for once you’ve felt love.
Then, forget me not.

Forever is inevitably lonely, hollow livelihood without life.
Only the short-lived lives are complete, they can truly thrive.
But for us, we just live for a few days, and for a few nights.
With every new life, we have learned to follow the rules of time.

Time, it does not repent nor does it slow down.
It even bends the mightiest of iron and turns it into rusty brown.

Unforgiving, however, it may be,
It never fails to perform its duties.
It brings the new age, every time into the light.
Gives birth to a new tomorrow, with the passing of each night.

In the new tomorrow, even if I forget.
Still, forget me not.
Even if the end is inevitably a part of life,
Still, forget me not.

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