Story of a fisherman


Let me tell you a story, dear friend,
A story where there is neither
a beginning nor an end.

The story of a fisherman,
Who had a dream,
For which he took an oath to stand,
To hold the biggest fish in his hand.

But it seemed like he had a flaw in his luck,
For no fish in his fishing rod was getting stuck.
He wasn’t desperate nor he was in haste,
Because in himself he had faith.

For a moment it seemed
that he’s about to catch it,
But in the next, it seemed
like he’s been tricked with seaweed.

His friends and supporters gave up on him,
They thought that it’s foolish to have such a dream.
The dream to catch the biggest fish,
A task which was almost impossible for him.

But the fisherman did not waver
He set his sails on the sea in dark.
He did not want any help nor favor,
To catch his dream, The great whale shark.

In the stormy dark of night,
There wasn’t a single sign of life.
Suddenly in the flash of thunder,
A dark figure rose the boat to plunder.

The monster from the pits of the sea,
Was none other than the poor man’s dream.
Bravely the man took up the spear,
Pierced the great fish against his fear.

After struggling for what
seemed like a long time,
The fisherman was beaten up but
he had the happiest smile.

The dream he had was right before his toes,
The Biggest fish in the world was caught on his boat.
He was tired yet satisfied
And later he paddled his boat towards the shore.

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