The Cult


I have very little memory of my home, my father and mother are unknown to me, I don’t remember their faces. What I can remember is a tragedy most would say, but to me it was confusing. I was abducted by people when I was very young. They blindfolded my eyes and stuffed my mouth with clothes which tasted like dirt and salt. I was taken to a truck, with a large container where I heard quivering sounds, they sounded just like the sounds I was making. There were many other children just like me. There were two trucks, one filled with male children and the other one was filled with female children. Before closing the shutters they sprayed some kind of gas which made me very sleepy, and I assume it made others feel the same way.

Waking up I found my self and the others locked together in a cage. It was so dark that I could hardly see the floor, it was damp and smelled like moss. our hands and feet were tied together. Right beside my cage, there was another in which many boys were locked, they looked the same age as us. Two large men with tasers were guarding the cages. Every one of us was scared, I was trembling and was trying to slow down my breathing, I was afraid they could hear it. Suddenly I smelled a foul stench coming from somewhere outside in the dark. It smelled like chemicals and rotten flesh. Then all of a sudden, a tall skinny man dressed in white appeared and gestured the large man guarding the boys’ cage to bring one of the children to him. The large man unlocked the cage and went inside, grunting like an animal. The taser in his hand was sparkling, it was ready to discharge. He then grabbed a random boy and unlocked his chains. lifting him like a pet, he tore off the boys’ clothes off and when he tried to stop the man from stripping him naked, he slammed his face, sending the little boy into unconsciousness. Horrified, everyone started screaming, but it was of no use, there was no one around to help.

He was taken to a different room and after some time, we could hear him screaming in desperation and pain. Having no clue of what happened to him we were having nightmares with open eyes. My blood was freezing in fear I felt a chill run down my spine. He was screaming constantly for a long time and the scream later transformed into a tiny little squeak. It was obvious that he tore off his vocal cords screaming for so long. The skinny tall man appeared again, and even in that darkness, his evil grin was clear as the daylight. It wasn’t hard to guess what he wanted when he looked at the girls’ cage. The guard entered our cage with his permission and I was chosen to be the next.

After unlocking me he tore off my top and was about to rip off my skirt, right then I bit his large dirty hand as hard as I could. He roared in agony and I tried to run away as far as I can from him but it was futile. He came after me, enraged and bewildered, picked me up by my leg and smashed my head on the floor. Everything became numb, the dizzy feeling was short-lived, and then I was unconsciously followed by the sharp pain which ran through my head. I couldn’t move or breath and the next thing I know was I was laid down on a table, hands and feet were stretched and tied to it. I could feel the warm blood dripping down from my head. Suddenly I realized that I had no clothes on me.

I could hear a whimper in that room, and the room was filled with the stench I smelled earlier. I looked around, my head hurt so hard and my body felt so weak that it was hard to even move. I saw that boy tied to another table and even in that dim light, I could see his wounds. His face was a mess. Lips and tongue were sewed together and his eyes were gouged out. It was clear that they had done more to him than I could see in the dim light, of that room. I heard some footsteps coming closer and my heart started racing. I couldn’t even imagine the horrors that can happen to me. A woman with a mask entered with a lantern. It was then when I actually got to see the room. It looked ancient and there were portraits of Jesus all over the walls, but it was different and dark. In the portraits, Jesus was drinking blood. The paintings were horrifying, they showed cannibalism and other acts of cruelty and sin. The woman came closer and started whispering in my ear, she asked if I liked what I saw. I was hesitant to answer her and looked away, and when I did. I saw the boy. He was nailed down to the table by his arms and legs, and it looked like his joints were cut off. His private area was worse, it seemed like they have inserted nails into his urinal duct. It was shivering to see more, and it’s even hard to describe. The woman caught me looking at the boy, she asked if I would like to save him. I hesitantly nodded in agreement. I was afraid, my body was shaking with fear, I was confused.  The woman untied me and asked me to come with her, and I agreed without a question. They took me to another room where more girls which I didn’t saw earlier were present. The woman explained that I had to please the master to join, and by joining I could help save the boy. I looked in the other direction and tried to run away but she caught me and handed me to the one she referred to as the master.

After hours of abuse, beating, and torturing, I lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes I was greeted by that woman. She asked me to cheer up, she said she was going to save the boy. It was the same room I was in earlier, where the boy was nailed down to his table. The boy lost consciousness it seemed, but then I saw one of the guards from outside, carrying a huge blade. The woman asked me to observe carefully. She told me that he was about to be saved, and I saw his head getting chopped off. I was traumatized, and something made me accept everything that was happening. I felt like drowning away in the darkness. By then, my soul had already died.

After that, I was taken to an underground building, where other people were living, and it was all normal for them, and by the time I was taken there, I had already given up on life. I believed I had no value. It was a cult with dark believes and inhumane practices. Later I was added to the new group. We were taught a lot of different things and were even forced to practice cannibalism, and they told us that it is what God wanted. They even had a bible for everyone which we had to recite three times a day. It was believed that the God made us, and we must sacrifice our sinful feelings in order to return to him someday.

Many years later the cult was forced to shut down after it was exposed to the government, I had become an adult by then and everyone was rescued. Everyone was in severe psychological trauma, and most of us were delusional, as the specialists said. We were given almost a year of counseling and other kinds of support, but none of us became normal ever again. Even today when I go outside, I constantly think about dying, watching the daylight scares me, but not as much as I’m afraid of people.

This is taken from my primary site – these thoughts everyday with the title – A stranger’s story

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