Me over Myself


So dark the world outside my own,
Through the crack of light this darkness was shown.
Dig me a grave from where it cannot escape,
Bring me pain and I will tie my hate inside me and drown myself in its fate.

Stab me with kindness and I will rip your heart out,
I’ll drink your blood, turning your screams into whimper,
You won’t even be able to shout.
I’ll slit your throat and will let death sing a song of whisper.

Ravish my pain and I will bless you with reality,
Laugh at my misery, let it carve out even the last tint of hope from inside of me.
Drown me in the sea of hate, purge me into the void of eternal hell.
Cover my grave with the bodies of my loved ones, forget and force me to fade.

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