The guy you hated the most is no more.
The one who had the tragic past became the past today.
He is gone for good.
Just when he started walking on the road towards good.
He fucking gave his all to his family, friends and foes.
He loved those who hurt him the most, even his backstabbing hoe.

This day will be remembered by very few.
The few people who can relate to his words, the words everyone hated, the words full of truth.
Even to the world he didn’t hesitate to speak up,
Didn’t hesitate to let his feelings out. Even with so many people pulling him down.
he never gave up.

Talent so diverse made him the most unique,
Beyond the bounds, for his CULT he always used to care, very deeply he used to think.
You may have killed his body,
May have stopped his steps towards glory.
But remember this that he’s not gone,
He’ll stay right in our hearts, healthy and strong.

Those who used guns against him were pussies.
Had no balls to fight him like a man, unmanly.
They didn’t just kill the man,
But killed the boys’ dreams to spread positivity.
But wherever he is he should know this.
He will never be forgotten, in our hearts his moments will forever be freezed.

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  1. Navjeet bari says:

    There are no words to define that human in the disguise of an ANGEL!

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