Overpowering Lust

Getting up, hitting weed, kissing salt and what not,
Doing this doing that, I like cheering with cheap shots.
Getting girls, falling in love, untying her string top,
Hopping right into the bed, unzipping, I can’t stop.

Lust runs inside my veins but I think I feel love,
I see how sexy she looks, and to get inside her belly, it’s more than enough.

She asks me for safety, I reassure her falsely.
I lie how responsible I am, but in reality,
I’m satisfying my own desires completely.

I know I’m doing something wrong,
That’s when I promise myself that I’ll take care of her and we’ll be strong.
Another promise, like the broken rest, distant, long forgotten and gone.

Getting used, miserable, she lost herself and her trust,
Pretty me, feeling sad, met another girl at the club, and even this time it’s surely not the last.
I regret, I degrade, I get up, and fall for another girl who can give sloppy heads.
I like it when she doesn’t let me last.

I cry, praying that I die, then I lie and throw in another bait,
I blame them, not myself, but my tragic fate.
I curse, unfulfilled promises haunts me at night, I remember every word I’ve ever said.

This world is filled with people like these, who are confused and have a messed up sense of righteousness. They are cowardly and self centered. Many people fall for them without even realising and eventually regret. Many of you may have already experienced that and that’s why I want you to spread the awareness.

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    Great one…

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