Words that hurt you

When they hurt you, it doesn’t affect them,
In their glee of overpowering you, makes them forget they have shame.
They’ll blame your insecurities, rather than understand.
What else can they do, they’re humans too and want to outstand.

When you’re the victim, the world shows you pity,
Everyone wants to show how good a person they are and not because of their sense of duty.
They’ll say it will be okay, but no one will give you a push or the energy.
Remember this, that everyone is a stranger and only you are your own, one and only.

Society doesn’t accept failures, but does preach about not giving up after failing.
Words are just a way of getting through for most, but there’s so much more to words than just conversing.
They have the power to pull up the fallen, and to push them into oblivion, which you may not be knowing.


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