Do not get owned

Sleepy, with my head all muddled up and drowsy.
Hungry, with no food but empty dreams to fill me.
Happy, with the artificial poison they call the nectar of evil.
Feel me, because I can’t understand my feelings.

It’s making me mad, insane from inside out,
I just wanna shout and scream out loud.
I feel like laughing, and want to cry miserably at the same time,
Is it because I’m high, or that I’m aroused.
Or is it just that my feelings became more intense, I’m full of doubts.

Writing these lines, my mind isn’t working,
I cannot think, I can only feel my heart. Sinking.
All these blunts, the stash of sativa filling into my veins but I can’t feel shit.
I think I’m depressed but am laughing like a madman,
I feel fear, the fear to lose myself and I can’t seem to forget that, even through drinking.

Even after getting ruined several times,
My desire and dreams, the craving never dies.
They don’t want me, I don’t deserve them,
It always has been that way.
The sweetest false statements always fucking glorify,
I won’t delete another line, if it were in my past, I would have done that a thousand times.
I will be me and want you to be. Not what other’s want you to, but what you really want to be.

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