Middle School

It was his first day of middle school, little did he knew that transferring to a new school altogether, could be so hard. He saw others having fun, laughing and playing. He missed his old friends, he was a stranger, a transfer student. Everyone stood up in attention when the class teacher entered. After taking the roll call she introduced the new students.

Apart from him, there was another new student that day. She was from out of town and moved in recently. But unlike him, the girl was cheerful, and made new friends quickly. She was one of the prettiest girls he had seen. The girl was average looking, but to him she was out of his league.

During the lunch time, the boy made a few friends, they went to the cafeteria together and surprisingly found the new girl there. She was sitting with her new friends as well. Seeing how the boy was staring at the girl, the newly made friends started teasing him. They were asking if he was interested in her. As shy the boy was, he blushed like a baby. Even he didn’t understand the feeling he was having. It was warm and suffocating, it felt like his heart was on fire, which was burning through his veins.

He kept thinking about her all day long, but couldn’t approach her. He was shy and it was a feeling he never had before. After the departure when he went home, he thought about it even more and asked himself if it were love at first sight, was it like the movies or many stories which he had read before. He wasn’t certain but curiosity got the best of him which lead him to believe that it was love.

The way he acted towards her, his reactions when she was near. All that made the others suspicious. Some of the classmates gossiped about it, others spread rumours. The havoc reached the girl one day, and she was startled by it. She thought that maybe the boy was shy of everyone and didn’t really think of him as someone other than just friend. Neither did she knew that the boy had such feelings towards her. But she wasn’t glad to know that he loved her, rather she was unhappy and all the commotion about it made her feel annoyed.

The rumours started to spread even more and a lot of madeup stories were added to it. The boy was being pushed around by others. Everyone wanted to see him propose to the girl. Subdued by peer pressure he had no other choice, and decided to do it. He didn’t know what else to do. He thought that his friends were right, his feelings were true. So that day he got a rose, and a chocolate bar to give it to the girl, he decided on letting her know that he loved her.

He approached the girl and told her how he felt. He said how beautiful she was and that his feelings were true. His head was spinning he felt dizzy, but he forced himself against his shyness, just to do this. When he offered his gifts, the girl ignored them. In a calm and composit manner she rejected him. She asked him if he knew what part of her does he love, and why would he entertain the class if his feelings were true. He stood there without an answer, looking down at the floor. Others watching, the room became dead silent. The shocked audience started to feel bad. They realized what they have done. But the one who got hurt the most was the boy who proposed. He felt disrespected and low. His heart skipped beatings, tears gushed out and he felt miserable like never before. He was ashamed, felt cheap and unworthy. Some even giggled from the back. Sarcastic omments came flying about the boy who cried.


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  1. Navjeet bari says:

    The story is very related to the real school life. I really loved it. And thanks for this beautiful story. Great job again dude!

    1. Roy says:

      Thanks for the feedback

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