Oh such greatness my country have,
Cultures, mixed traditions and lands,
Holy over a thousand God’s, behalf
Of our faith, strong and stern do we stand.

Beliefs are diverse, unfathomable by commoners,
Acceptance is scarce, everyone’s proud of their casts.
We don’t believe in facts, but the words of our priests preaching about our stars.

We decide the best for our children,
With heavy dowry, responsibilities forgotten.

We don’t like it when they say – “You’re wrong”.
We choose to compare our blunders, with those who have more,
We like to show that how United we are and strong,
But we often overlook, what is wrong.

Rape, the word itself is looked down in disgust,
A crime which can be done by any of us,
Doesn’t that leave you with distrust?
Why is sexuality, a topic so taboo that it’s treated like dirt,
Why do we look away from the truth, are we that afraid of the evil that can be stopped?

We can gossip all day long, but deliberately neglect something that is wrong.
We talk about how bad the society has become, but overlook, that it is our fault.

We fight for what we believe is justice,
Then why aren’t we fighting against this injustice?

Why do five year old girls have to fear from their own people?
Why aren’t we fighting together instead of against each other?
Are we not humans or are we just too self centered and feeble.
We should be ashamed of looking away, these are our daughters, for fuck sake.fear-1131143_1920.jpg

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  1. This is pretty good! I wrote a poem on the topic too. It’s called GUILTY. Would love it if you could check it out!

    1. Roy says:

      Thank you, I’ll be sure to check that out.

  2. Navjeet bari says:

    Very nice poem man. This poem is very different from other poems cuz you aimed to parents too and Why a 5yrs girl scares? Salute you man. Great job!

    1. Roy says:

      Glad that you liked it.

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